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We are cip alpha and represent innovative software tools, e.g. AM-PACK for managing development-related product data in the automotive product lifecycle process, SUDOQU CMS RM for navigating confidently through all business processes.

Automotive & Mechatronics Package

The automotive and mechatronics industry tool solution for the management of requirements, solutions and tests in system development - ready to go off the shelf.

SUDOQU CMS Reference Model

The automotive and mechatronics industry business process management solution - an integrated management system ready to go off the shelf.

To achieve Conformity with Guidelines and Standards

... is just one of many challenges which software and mechatronics suppliers are facing.

Events and News

Events and News

Dual Talents Wanted

We define innovative programming as crafts and engineering in one. The talents we want to join us are masters of their craft in terms of computer programming as well as strong believers in the benefit  and the power of software engineering. Is that you? If so: Fulfill yourself - as a member of the cip family. Right now!

Sandwich Placements Available

Recurring full-time employments during semester breaks plus 6-months placement.