My path to cip alpha

published on 2023-01-31 by Fabian Hauser

School-leaving qualification, apprenticeship, start of apprenticeship

Secondary school leaving certificate, office management assistant, September 2020

How did you come to cip alpha?

I was at a training fair and took a flyer with several training positions. Immediately after the training fair, I looked in the flyer for my training occupation and then immediately applied to cip alpha.

Why did you decide on cip alpha?

My decision for cip alpha was made after the interview. The interview was very interesting and diverse. I really liked the working atmosphere at the beginning, because cip alpha is a small company. It's also easier to communicate with each other than in a larger company, for example, as I personally find.

What has been your training highlight so far?

My training highlight so far is that you are seen as a fully-fledged colleague in every assignment. You are allowed to work independently and are given a lot of responsibility. In addition, everyone at cip alpha is nice and helpful.

What are your tasks at cip alpha?

My tasks at cip alpha in the first year of my training were, for example

  • Entering accounting records in the financial accounting program
  • Maintaining addresses in the central address database
  • Designing pages for the company homepage
  • Designing document templates in Word
  • Helping to set up a standards database
  • What are your favorite subjects at vocational school?
  • My favorite subjects are BFK and English.

Did you get any learning opportunities at cip alpha in addition to vocational school?

To be able to design document templates in Word, I attended several online courses and watched videos, and my training supervisor discussed the content with me afterwards and answered questions. I am currently taking online courses on accounting, also with accompanying support, so I can become proficient in double-entry bookkeeping.

What do you do in your free time?

In my free time, I meet up with friends to do things together. I am also active in the fire department and will soon complete my basic training there.

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