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Art electrifies | 11-17-2023 - 12-17-2023

Art Prize - Art and Technology

The Kunstverein Heidenheim is awarding an art prize for the second time this year
in the field of ART AND TECHNOLOGY. Artists are invited to participate,
whose works stimulate a dialog about society's relationship to technology or reflect on it.
or reflect on this.

This special event, which takes place every two years with an increasingly
national appeal, is realized in collaboration with the VOITH company and the
Hanns Voith Foundation. For more than a hundred years, Voith has shaped life in
Heidenheim in a variety of ways and, with this sponsorship, helps to explore the role of technology
in society artistically as well.

The group of artists invited this year deals with electronic art, which increasingly
art, which increasingly works with digital means. Here the connection to technology is
and the relationship between art and technology is particularly diverse, as the works selected for the
works selected for the exhibition impressively demonstrate. The works shown at the VOITH
TRAINING CENTER is complemented by 5 works by two internationally renowned pioneers of
South German pioneers of electronic art, namely Walter Giers and Peter Vogel.