Polarion Autumn Meeting 2023

Exchange of experience from user to user

The association PLM Benutzergruppe e.V., in which we, cip alpha, are a member, promotes the cooperation of the users of the software tools of Siemens Industries Software in order to increase their efficiency and effectiveness. The association offers different platforms for Siemens as manufacturer and the licensees as users to get in contact and exchange experiences.

Within the framework of the association, there are different topic- and product-specific work groups, called Special Interest Groups or SIG for short. The Polarion ALM SIG is focused on usage aspects of the ALM software tool Polarion. Guido Lange, cip alpha, is the leader of the Polarion SIG.

Autumn Meeting 2023 - Topic and Platforms

Digital transformation is unprecedentedly changing the capabilities of physical products and the handling of software tools, with the help of which they are developed, built and accompanied throughout their lives. Disruption is one of the keywords which characterizes the brutality of the turnaround. Physical products are no longer mechatronic, but cyber-physical. Requirements are no longer sufficient to describe them: Model-based engineering is the key to master their complexity. Lifecycle management no longer focuses on the development and production of electromechanical products, as is the case with product lifecycle management (PLM). Instead, it takes a holistic view, i.e. one that encompasses the methods, tools and processes involved, of the entire lifecycle of cyber-physical products, known as system lifecycle management, or SysLM for short.

What does this mean for those who go through product development processes to experience all this newness, and who provide production and service processes for the new products? Nico Michels and Dr.-Ing. Chantal Sinnwell, both Siemens DISW, answered this question very clearly in their presentation The Power of Models at this year's Summer Conference, for association members here is the link to the recording.

The goal of this year's Polarion Autumn Meeting is to provide attendees with orientational, decision-making and operational support on the following SysLM issues:

  1. What are the motivations, benefits and models for the SysLM?
  2. What role can/should Polarion play as the gateway to SysLM?
  3. How should interfaces between Polarion as an authoring system and a backbone system such as Teamcenter be functionally designed?
  4. What infrastructure and administration does a SysLM IT landscape need at technical and functional level?
  5. What visions, plans, and implementations for SysLM do already exist in operational practice, especially but not limited to the interaction of Polarion with Teamcenter?

Experts from science and industry as well as representatives from companies using Polarion and Teamcenter will share their ideas and experiences on these issues, accompanied by good opportunities to talk to each other as well as to get to know other companies and Heidenheim.

Autumn Meeting 2023 - Organizational Details