ISO 9001 Certification

published on 2023-02-13 by Johannes Theilacker

I am Johannes Theilacker, at cip alpha I am responsible for corporate quality and management.

One of my tasks is to continuously maintain our Corporate Management System (CMS) – in addition to the benefits for the daily organizational life of the company, with the aim of passing the annual ISO 9001 surveillance audits as well as the three-year recertification audits.

A special feature of this is that our CMS is not only ours, but also part of an offer. This is to be understood as follows: cip alpha offers the entire structural logic, modeling guidelines and document templates that are the basis of a CMS under the name SUDOQU as a product. SUDOQU stands for Systemic Ubiquitous Dynamic Organisational and Quality Understanding. SUDOQU is a reference model for a CMS, which can be individually adapted to individual companies with the advantage that they no longer have to worry about procedures such as publishing processes or basic rules of process modeling, since they are already predefined.

As cip alpha, we are constantly developing SUDOQU and helping our customers to learn and comply with it.

Our CMS used by cip alpha is itself a modified version of the SUDOQU reference model. This allows us to see where there is potential for improvement. Together with the findings and recommendations of the ISO 9001 auditors regarding the cip alpha CMS, we use this knowledge to continuously improve the logic, guidelines and documents behind SUDOQU.

If the cip alpha CMS passes the annual ISO 9001 audit, this is for us reliable confirmation that the underlying SUDOQU leads to an ISO 9001 compliant corporate management system – not only for us, but also for our customers who use it.

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