UPPS! Extensions

  • The name UPPS! stands as an acronym for the cognitive chain Use Case → Problems → Solution!
  • Each UPPS! Extension refers to a use case of Polarion ALM usage and related handling bottlenecks, and it offers as a solution simplifications and enhancements of the user interface as well as data, time series and link analyses directly in the LiveDoc Editor.
  • UPPS! Extensions are plugins on Polarion instances whose services are available without further action in all Polarion projects of the respective instance and without touching any repository content, i.e. without endangering user data.

Intelligent Navigator

Navigate the LiveDoc editor with intelligent effortlessness

  • Preview WorkItems using the UPPS! Preview at Links and Cross References
  • Jump Back and Trace Back between WorkItems using the UPPS! Dial
  • Follow pinned links with no revision irritation

Status Manager

Handle LiveDoc and WorkItem statuses using the UPPS! Drawer and its graphical interface (in preparation)

  • Utilize graphical overviews of all statuses of LiveDocs and WorkItems in user-selectable display formats
  • Change statuses in graphical dialogs supported by what-if previews

Progress Analyst

Analyze the progress of LiveDoc editing without leaving the LiveDoc Editor using the UPPS! Drawer and its time series analyses (in preparation)

  • Breakdown of requirements
  • Status changes of requirements
  • Test specifications for requirements

Data Explorer

Analyze the status of LiveDoc editing without leaving the LiveDoc Editor using the UPPS! Drawer and its reports (in preparation)

  • Number of WorkItems per type, status and assignee
  • Requirements coverage (design vs. requirements)
  • Test coverage (test cases vs. requirements/design)

Bulletin Board

Keep track of tasks to be done while editing LiveDocs using the UPPS! Drawer and its bulletin board (in preparation)

  • Pin, edit, remove notes
  • Design and utilize note templates
  • Pin or remove emails and other documents to be processed
  • Pin or remove links
  • Personalize and filter postings (notes, emails, links)

Links Tracer

Make tracking transparent using the UPPS! Drawer and its graphical analyses (in preparation)

  • WorkItem link trees of any depth and width
  • WorkItem preview at all link levels
  • Analyze linking/linked WorkItems in LiveDocs by link roles.