My career at cip alpha

published on 2023-03-07 by Timm Marquardt

My education and professional experience:

B. Sc. Computer Science (University of Stuttgart)
Career entry at cip alpha as a full-stack software developer

Why did I choose cip alpha?

During the final stages of my Bachelor's degree, I was faced with the choice of pursuing a Master of Science or pursuing my professional life. I myself was surprised how easy this decision was for me after the first discussions with the management and technical director of cip alpha. And I'm sure I made the right decision.

The versatile know-how offers me the ideal framework for my personal development in a wide range of areas. The tangible motivation at cip alpha encourages me to think along and the cooperation of each individual is appreciated. While the working culture under a flat corporate hierarchy offers me a lot of freedom, it also brings with it responsibility. I always find an open ear to contribute my own ideas and the day-to-day work is in a constant process of development and improvement, driven by all employees.

What tasks do I have at cip alpha?

  • Development of software based on customer-specific requirements
  • Design and planning of software features in a team
  • Development of applications for data management in the product development process
  • Integration of software tools to optimize the software development process
  • Support for customers when using in-house software

My leisure activities:

In addition to my competitive nature, which constantly leads me to follow competitions of all kinds, I spend much of my time with Japanese pop culture. Occasionally I also enjoy the view in the peaks of the mountains or deepen various topics in intensive discussions.

How do I envision my future with cip alpha?

Together with my colleagues, I would like to expand the importance of cip alpha as an innovative software development and consulting company internationally, especially in safety-critical areas such as the medical and automotive industries. I am particularly concerned about the organization of everyday work as well as the satisfaction of our customers.

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