2023-09-28: Afterwork Polarion Insights Workshop

After Work Polarion Insights Workshops are …

Online Workshops provided by the Polarion SIG. Each Polarion Insights workshop focuses on a particular aspect of Polarion usage within a maximum of 2 hours as follows:

With this format the PLM User Group Association is giving its basic idea - from users for users - a further opportunity for implementation. It is planned to have an After Work Polarion Insights Workshop approximately every second month.

Next Workshop: Streamlining Polarion Plugin Development with VS Code: An Advanced Solution

cip alpha's plugin development requirements go beyond the capabilities of the basic development environment provided by Siemens/Polarion. Therefore, we have evaluated and incorporated more advanced technologies to comply with our needs.

In this talk, we will explore our tech stack for sophisticated Polarion plugin development using Visual Studio Code (VS Code) as the core development IDE and leveraging Docker for seamless CI/CD integration. We will dive into the core concepts of Polarion plugins and the role of Maven Tycho in simplifying the build process. Through a detailed example, we will set up a development environment, implement quality assurance measures, and integrate with Continuous Integration for streamlined deployment. The example will be a hands-on demonstration with a sample Polarion plugin, illustrating the implementation of our tech stack stepwise and showcasing how to leverage VS Code and Maven-Tycho effectively.

Join us as we demonstrate the result of 8 years of experience in Polarion plugin development, empowering you to enhance productivity and deliver robust solutions.