2016-05-13 AM-PACK Webinar

Arrange and Execute Live Document Reviews

Live Document - briefly called LD - is a trademarked term of Polarion Software GmbH. It refers to a document-like representation of information in Polarion which particularly comprises a set of artifacts - in Polarion called Work Items.

In product development various documents arise such as requirements specifications, architectural design specifications, detailed design specifications, test cases specifications etc. After completion of these documents it is reasonable to check them. If you choose the review as method for that, then it is desirable for organisational simplification to exchange documents instead of coming together in a real or online meeting. If multiple reviewers are needed for factual reasons for a single document, then the preparatory tasks to be performed are to assign each reviewer to his artifacts, afterwards it has to be monitored that each reviewer completes his tasks within the prescribed period. The latter may cause additional organisational efforts in cases due to illness, change of competence etc.

This webinar shows how to arrange live document reviews and how to control the review execution be means of AM-PACK.

Register. Please note: This is a webinar for AM-PACK-users.