AM-PACK Integrated Artifact & Document Management

The V executions in product development - see also page AM-PACK's Agile V - are determined by

  1. the functional structure of the system to be developed, e.g. the number of components, the number of architectural levels, etc.,
  2. the process structure of the process model, which you want to follow or must follow, e.g.  Automotive SPICE, and
  3. the release agreements, i.e. the sample and software versions that have to be constructed and tested.

For this AM-PACK provides a portfolio of precisely tailored artifacts (in Polarion called Work Items), documents (in Polarion called Live Documents) and filing folders (in Polarion called Spaces). For example, the following picture shows gray faces for the processes, faces outlined red for storage of requests, faces outlined turquoise for storage of solutions, faces outlined yellow for storage of samples, software and testing, faces outlined purple for storage of project information - the AM-PACK symbiosis of product data and project data management.