AM-PACK Release Note | Version 2023.1

In addition to over 50 cosmetic corrections and minor bug fixes, the following changes and enhancements have been introduced to AM-PACK:

Customer-specific AM-PACK variants available

Customer-specific changes and extensions to the standard package, e.g. to WorkItem and LiveDoc types including their workflows, can be implemented and handled from version to version together with the further development of the standard package as a customer-specific variant.

WorkItem-type Bookmark new

A bottleneck when reviewing large LiveDocs where different user groups, e.g. departments, work in parallel was, that when one user group reviewed their WorkItems, the status workflow of the LiveDoc blocked the users of other user groups from editing their WorkItems.

The new Bookmark WorkItem B can be inserted anywhere in a LiveDoc and configured via a CustomField to logically group together a subsequent set of WorkItems - across headings, if required. The bookmark WorkItem can then be used by means of its status workflow to execute a review of the WorkItems subordinate to it. There may be any number of bookmark WorkItems in a LiveDoc, and any number of these can control a review in parallel. All WorkItems in the LiveDoc which are not part of a bookmark-based review whilst editing the LiveDoc in the Polarion LiveDoc Editor can be edited. The review user interface in the ControlWindow, which has proven itself in LiveDocs, is available for bookmark-based reviews in the same way.

Tiles on AM-PACK navigation pages of existing projects get updated during AM-PACK update/upgrade

Tiles on AM-PACK navigation pages of existing projects did not get updated during AM-PACK update/upgrade.


Function/model-based approach now supported.

Until now, the backbone of AM-PACK has solely been the V-model, as specified e.g. by Automotive SPICE, which is a requirements-oriented approach (customer requirements > system requirements > component requirements > ...). Based on the Arcadia model, function-oriented/model-based approaches have become well established (model-based engineering).

AM-PACK now supports both approaches. For the function-oriented/model-based approach, a semiformal syntax has been generated using WorkItems and CustomFields. This solution will be further developed for interfacing with 1D simulation tools in future AM-PACK versions.

WorkItem status workflow optimized

Upon inserting WorkItems into a LiveDoc, new WorkItems got the status 10 in red, for editing they had to be switched to status 20. This was perceived as a work step without added value.

For all WorkItem types occurring in LiveDocs whose content is not usually created by import (ReqIF, Word, Excel, etc.), status 10 has been abandoned so that their workflow starts at status 20. To achieve a visual differentiation from yellow statuses, status 20 is now orange.

AM-PACK converted from Java 11 to Java 17

Siemens has raised the Java base from 11 to 17 as of Polarion 2304. AM-PACK accordingly as of 2023.1

AM-PACK project navigation page: View of Spaces now configurable.

The AM-PACK project navigation page was perceived as overloaded/unclear.

The Show empty spaces checkbox at the top right of the page got replaced by a button offering a drop-down menu for user-specific customization of the navigation page content.

Space 09 also available in knowledge base projects

It was perceived as a shortcoming that in Knowledge Base projects, often called Standards & Glossaries, there was no way to list and monitor relevant LiveDocs using a DPM LiveDoc, specifically DPM 5.

Space 09 was therefore also made available in Knowledge Base projects.

Multi Language Support now available in ControlWindow

The AM-PACK ControlWindow did not support the Polarion Multi Language Support.


My AM-PACK ModulePages in the ControlWindow can now show WorkItems of all projects in the Polarion repository.

The My AM-PACK ModulePages in the ControlWindow could only show WorkItems of one project. This made it very time-consuming to find out in which projects which WorkItems were waiting for processing.

Enhancement implemented: All AM-PACK projects in the Polarion repository can be selected with one click from the drop-down list.

WorkItem-type 3E new

There is no satisfactory solution for the development of a common opinion of several users on a WorkItem in a LiveDoc within the framework of the possibilities offered by Polarion: If you use embedded comments, the coordination between the participants is not supported; if you use the comment threads, you have to leave the LiveDoc and you cannot see the progress of the discussion in the LiveDoc.

AM-PACK already included a powerful issue management based on Polarion WorkItems. The issues are called Problems. The different problem types are usually identified by a purple icon with a white numeric, sometimes followed by a white capital letter. E.g. 3A stands for an issue which emerged during the passage through the PEP from one's own organization in connection with an own asset, usually an own product or a component thereof.

The WorkItem type 3E got introduced. It stands for an issue which emerged from one's own organization during the editing of a LiveDoc in relation to a WorkItem contained therein in order to clarify questions regarding this WorkItem through the cooperation of several users. The E after the 3 stands for Embedded Discussion, which expresses that the 3E-WorkItem - unlike all other AM-PACK-Problem-WorkItems - is used within a LiveDoc.

A 3E WorkItem is inserted immediately after the WorkItem for which a discussion is to take place and is indented with the tab key and thus linked to the WorkItem to be discussed. In this way, it is possible to conduct discussions and formulate opinions in an independent object, e.g. a 3E WorkItem, without violating the contents of the WorkItem to be discussed, which is, for example, completely impermissible for Customer Specifications WorkItems and disruptive in Specification LiveDocs, and without considering the status of the WorkItem to be discussed, and even to use the Polarion comment threads if required.