The field-proven reference model in Signavio Process Editor

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The Corporate Management System (CMS) of a company describes its organisational and quality understanding. Regarding all of its business processes. Regarding all regulations and standards required of it. Regarding emergence and production of all its products. Regarding all of its employees and business partners.

The entirety ("no matter what I look for, here I find it!"), and the operability ("that's like on the internet - just logical") of a CMS decide whether and how it is practised and gets day-to-day routine.

Signavio Process Editor + SUDOQU CMS Reference Model: This is the symbiosis of tool competence for business processes at SIGNAVIO and business process management expertise in the cip group, it is the progression from the process modelling tool to the process model

SUDOQU Web Manual

In the sense of an integrated management system the SUDOQU web manual describes manuals specific to standards such as ISO 9001 and a central process model.

The process model provides process diagrams conforming to BPMN and precisely specified process outputs. Each section of each specific manual is linked to its corresponding process diagram in the process model and vice versa.

SUDOQU Knowledge Base

Lots of information on 3 topics:
Where and how do I find what?
Why a CMS? What's my benefit?
Definition of Terms

SUDOQU Templates Library

Outcome orientation and personal responsibility are the success factors of corporate quality in SUDOQU understanding.

As aids to each process output which is a document there are available: a template for the document and a template for testing the maturity of the document.

In less than no time from 0 to 100

SUDOQU CMS Reference Model ie:
You get a process model off the cuff that suits your organsiation to a very high degree.

SUDOQU CMS Reference Model,
that's a true GIFT:
Get it - Install it - Follow it - Treasure it

Signavio Process Editor

The SUDOQU CMS reference model is based on conception and performance of the Signavio Process Editor and is executable exclusively in this. For each of these two products suitable licenses must be acquired for use.